The Tennis Club

There is a tennis club in the village. It is a small club, only 100 or so members, and run by some very worthy individuals (myself included) who make up the club committee. We have caused no small amount of controversy in the last year. The club was not that great you see, a year ago. That was why I joined the committee. To change things. We’d moved to the village to enjoy a more outdoor lifestyle. Fed up with sitting in traffic getting in and out of London on the weekend we wanted to live somewhere where we could mountain bike, go walking and play tennis. But the tennis club was a very poor affair compared to the London clubs I’d played in, clubs like the Cumberland up in West Hampstead (well nowhere was going to be like that I don’t think).

It turned out we weren’t the only members not happy with the club and the committee had a surfeit of new committee members at the last AGM. We worked hard and as the only lawyer on the committee a lot of the written work fell to me. I drafted coach contracts, a welfare policy, new club rules and ran the facebook page. The club has completely changed. There is a new junior programme, we have new coaching staff who are enthusiastic about the club and a lot of members who had gone elsewhere have come back. A success.

I am now happier with the club and content with the way in which it is heading. I have therefore decided to resign from the committee at this year’s AGM (next week). The Chairman was just on the phone asking me again to reconsider but this was just one of the things I was filling my life with as mentioned in my last post. One of the things that was making me stressed. I was drafting agenda instead of playing with my two year old. I was finishing off a facebook post, getting it just right while my baby cried. I was on the phone to the Chairman while trying to change a nappy. Well, not any more. It is time to take a break from running the club and get back to enjoying tennis as a member again.


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