Surrey mummy?

So the current tagline on my blog refers to me as a Surrey mummy. Literally this is true. I am a mummy and I live in Surrey. However, figuratively it conjures up an image. I knew this when I wrote it and perhaps the mummy part of it was a tongue in cheek nod to some of the mummy blogs out there. Don’t get me wrong, I love mummy blogs, I read them all the time. But I don’t think that is what mine is turning out to be. The addition of Surrey though was what conjures up the image.

So, Surrey, for those that may not know, is a county in England (UK) just outside of London. It is commonly thought of as a wealthy county, full of commuters living in big country houses making the daily trip up to “town” (London) by train. A Surrey mummy therefore is probably blonde, gets her hair and nails done regularly, doesn’t need to work and drives a huge 4×4 (four wheel drive), probably a rangerover. She might also have a town house somewhere in Chelsea. Her husband might stay there during the week leaving the running of the country house to her (or the housekeeper). Similarly she (or the nanny) would be responsible for the children.

I don’t think of myself in this way. I think there is a lot more to me than just being a mummy and living in Surrey (please don’t jump on the “just being a mummy” comment I’ve read enough mummy blogs to know how inflammatory making that kind of statement can be) but when I was pondering the reasons for my tagline last night in bed I was surprised to see how much of the above description did ring true for me. We are well enough off, we have a large house in the country, we work in town and we have a 4×4 (I mentioned we live on a hill, and in the Winter it snows). My hair is sometimes a blonder shade of brown when I remember to get my highlights done and until she resigned we did have a nanny. However, I don’t get my nails done ever – I bite them – and I do need to work.

So why am I telling you this? I don’t know really. Maybe to correct any misconceptions my tagline gives rise to, maybe just to tell you a little bit more about myself, maybe to make sense of where I am in life and to laugh at myself a little bit. Am I a stereotype? I don’t know. I’d like to think not. But maybe I am not so far off it as I originally would have thought.



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