The importance of clubs

There are a number of associations and clubs in the village. The tennis club is one of them. There is also a cricket club, a badminton club, a gardening club, a village pantomime, a drama group, a history society and a toddler group. There are probably others which I have momentarily forgotten – oh yes, the cub scouts, the brownies, the WI – and that’s before we even get into the various village institutions working to make life better here, not to mention the PTA who help run the school.

Quite a lot for a small village you might say. And you’d be right. But that is because, like most places, this village is full of interesting people wanting to do interesting things. I bet amongst that list there would be at least a couple of groups you’d like to join if you lived here.

However, all of these groups have something in common. They need someone to run them. If you are a member of a few of these groups, like I am, you notice that the same people are often involved in some way. All of them juggling their busy lives so that they can help keep these groups going. A number of the groups, like the now defunct football club, are falling by the wayside. Almost all of them would welcome more volunteers and more help.  But although people want to have these groups in the village and to be a member of some of them themselves, they are not willing or perhaps think they are not able, to commit the time these clubs so desperately need.

Our village is symptomatic of much of our society. Everyone is busy, everyone is having to work hard, most families now have two adults out at work to make ends meet. There simply isn’t the time to spend running these things, and after all, there is always someone else who will do it, isn’t there? But what will we do when these clubs cease to exist? Where will our children go to play a sport or develop confidence through drama or learn life skills from the cubs or the brownies? Where will we go when we want a break from our busy lives doing something we enjoy or to get some exercise?

I don’t want to stand on a soapbox, I know how difficult it is, after all I have just stepped down from the tennis club committee, but have a think, and if this rings a bell then maybe there is something you can do.


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