Speaking of clubs…..

I am setting up a writers group in the village. I have had it in mind for a while now. I attempted to join one last year but as it was a train ride away and I was working I couldn’t quite get the journey to fit with making sure someone would be home to look after the children. And anyway, it was a train ride away. I never would have kept it up. So it has been in my mind that I should set one up locally, that if I would like one there must be a few other writers nearby who would too.

Now that my youngest is relatively predictable in his feeding times I feel I have a couple of hours where I can pop down the road for a meeting before coming home for the late feed. When I mentioned it to a friend and they said they would be interested I was finally pushed to setting it up. So now we have a Facebook page and everything!

The plan is to meet once a month, talk about our writing and perhaps offer some critique. I have six definites for the first meeting, one being my friend and the rest being people my friend knows or who have responded to the Facebook advertising I have done.

Wish me luck! And if anyone has any tips, please let me know!


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