Slow cooking makes you feel good

On 8th March 2015 The Mail on Sunday ran a Slow Cooking Special. Apparently there was a 50 per cent. increase in the sale of slow cookers last year. The 4 page special informed readers of the merits of slow cooking, provided tips for getting the best from your slow cooker and included 3 pages of recipes.

I read the 4 page special all the way through and saved the recipes. I agreed with the Mail 100% (something that doesn’t happen often I hasten to add).

I requested a slow cooker for a Christmas present in December 2013 thinking that it would be helpful when I went back to work after my first maternity leave and I haven’t looked back. I’ve cooked curries, Chinese food, rice pudding, stews and pot roasts to name but a few dishes and (almost) every single one has been delicious.  A massive plus for me is that as the meat is slow cooked it is soft enough for a baby and a toddler with no teeth to chew – so easy for baby led weaning. I am a slow cooker convert.

But what the Mail didn’t mention is that slow cooking makes you feel good. Knowing our dinner is already prepared and will be ready once my husband and I have put the children to bed gives me a warm feeling. The fact that I have already made dinner means I have at least achieved something on a day when all my other plans go out the window.  And when people pop round and say “Wow something smells good!” and I tell them it is dinner cooking they marvel at my organisational abilities and my obvious skill in the kitchen. They don’t need to know that all the other jobs on my list are yet to have a tick next to them or that very simple, quick recipes give rise to those amazing smells permeating through the house.

Slow cooking. It’s a little thing but I appreciate it.

What about you? What little things make you feel good? Please do comment below and if anyone wants today’s recipe of Salmon Tamarind Curry (adapted from Cara Hobday’s) please let me know!




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