Four days without a washing machine


On Sunday – the first day of potty training – the washing machine broke.  My husband did his best, changing fuses and generally fiddling about with a screwdriver, but it was to no avail.

I spend a vast proportion of my day washing. If I am not washing I am drying or folding clothes into 4 piles ready for transporting upstairs.  The baby has reflux and the toddler really likes to cover himself (and me) with anything wet.  A broken washing machine then, is a bit of a disaster.

To make it worse, on Sunday it was already 5 – 0 in the floor vs potty contest.  5 pairs of pants were sitting in a bowl of laundry disinfectant in the sink and I could see no sign that the toddler was recognising he was going to the toilet at all.

Obviously we had to buy another one and fast!

John Lewis, we agreed, would be the place to go. You can trust John Lewis and pay for quick delivery.  So we had a look. Half an hour of agonising about whether we needed 6, 7 or 8kg load capacity, how quiet it needed to be and how environmentally friendly we decided upon a lower to middle of the range Bosch (we didn’t need to agonise over the brand at least – Bosch is the only make my husband will consider – the last one had given us 10 years so you couldn’t ask for much more than that).

Delivery 14th April!

We couldn’t wait that long!

So we ordered one from Currys. It arrives today. I hope.

But actually, though I looked ahead in horror on Sunday at four days without a washing machine, it hasn’t been that bad.  Pants sized 18 months to two years (the toddler is skinny) are very quick to wash, my husband has been in his suits (his shirts were already clean), I put the baby back in disposables and I have an awful lot of clothes!  In addition, given that I have been following the toddler around, potty in hand, I have had no time to do any washing.

So we’ve been ok.

Having said that, there is a huge pile of washing in the utility room and I am getting depressed by the bin bag filling with disposable nappies while my beautiful cloth ones are sitting there unused (not to mention the pail of dirty cloth nappies that I haven’t opened since Sunday).

That Currys van had better arrive soon!


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