First submission – in it to win it?

So, I have finally done it! I sent off my first short story submission, the one I mentioned in this post, to Woman’s Weekly on Thursday. I had spent quite a bit of time polishing it, had asked family to read it and also asked for some feedback from a friend in my writing group – thanks Robin. Even after all of that I still spotted a mistake on one of my final reads through – slight continuity error where my character was drinking her cup of tea and then later ignored the boiling kettle! So a few more tweaks were made and then I sent it off (well, after buying a new printer first – ours had been dying for some time and I couldn’t possibly have sent off a hard copy manuscript as required by the submission guidelines with the blurred text and smears of ink the old printer left over the paper!)

So now it is waiting time. They say it can take up to 16 weeks to hear. Well, there is no point sitting around. I know how difficult it must be to get published by Woman’s Weekly as there is lots on this topic online so I am back to the drawing board. Life is so busy at the moment (potty training is still ongoing so I’ve been closeted in the house all week – no pun intended). I am sure I’ll manage not to think too much about it before I hear back.

I am now at the polishing stage of another short story I have written so I’ll be sending that off soon I hope. I decided that there was no point putting all of my hopes in one basket – what one reader enjoys another might not and it all hinges on that first read doesn’t it? I also wrote 500 words of my novel on Thursday night which I am quite proud of myself about. I suddenly found myself in a quiet house with two children in bed and a husband playing tennis and no excuses not to get back to it – and I really enjoyed it – I was quite carried away until my husband came home, plonked himself down next to me and started to fill me in on the ins and outs (literally) of his game.

Anyway, in terms of submitting, one phrase keeps tumbling round in my head – you’ve got to be in it to win it. Now strictly speaking I am not entering a competition, but for me, getting published would be a definite win and no one’s going to publish anything of mine if it stays sitting on my computer, are they?


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