I took the toddler to nursery yesterday. It was his first day back after the Easter holiday and his first day away from me since we started potty training. I was worried. He is still really inconsistent in terms of how many he manages to get in the potty and although we’d had a successful day at the zoo at the weekend where he actually asked to use the potty, that good day had then been followed by a day of accidents and our hit rate in the days that had followed wasn’t much more than 50%. A particular low point had been him wetting himself in the middle of Tescos. Twice.

So I wasn’t very confident.

I packed six sets of pants, trousers and socks and a few t-shirts as well as a plastic bag for wet clothes and following a successful trip to the potty after breakfast we got into the car. I explained I had the travel potty and that if he needed to we could stop on the 5 minute drive to nursery for him to use it. He told me he didn’t need to go so we set off.

A few metres after pulling out of our drive he shouted, “Wee wee!”  I told him to hold it until I could stop, certain that the deed had already been done, and pulled over a bit further on. I got the potty out, got him out – amazed he was still dry – and he did his business while watching cars pass us by which seemed an acceptable alternative to the Peppa Pig videos we usually let him watch on the potty.

I was so pleased I did the potty dance in full view of the road maintenance truck parked up near us, swinging the toddler round in my excitement.

This small moment made my day. It made the previous two weeks, where I had contemplated a return to nappies on more than one occasion, worthwhile.

Later, my husband went to pick him up and I waited at home in trepidation. What would nursery think of his progress? Would he have had a good or a bad day? Had I packed enough spare clothes?

They returned triumphant, only one set of wet clothes for washing. Nursery were pleased. Success was the verdict.

As I stood in the garden watching the toddler running around excitedly before we went inside for bath time, I started to cry. I am so proud of my little boy but my absolute pleasure in him beginning to master this necessary skill is tinged with sadness. Another major milestone has been reached. He is growing up so fast.


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