I found time

So I mentioned the man who told me he got up 2 hours early each day so that he could write on the way to work and then sit in a MacDonalds before work and write some more, right?

I’ve been following his example in making time for my writing. Every moment I have when the children are sleeping, I write.

My novel now stands at over 41,000 words. That’s 10,000 more than this time two weeks ago.

I sent an email to the man’s wife asking her to let him know he’d inspired me.

She said he’d be pleased.

Not as pleased as I am.

Better get back to it – Erlann has just been kidnapped and Freyja has to get him back……


7 thoughts on “I found time

    • Haha, yes, he did say that it wasn’t the most salubrious place to write but that is was really quiet at that time in the morning! Thanks so much for the follow. I shall pop over to your blog and take a look around. 🙂

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