Since starting to write I have heard of NaNoWriMo but always thought it wasn’t something I would do. There’s no way I could write 50,000 words in a month. It’s taken me two years to get to 50,000 words (yes the novel now stands at 50,456 words – yippee!) and wouldn’t anything written that quickly be rubbish?

But recently I have got really good at sitting down and writing (well, apart from the 2 week hiatus I’ve just had because I promised my husband I’d step away from the computer while we went on holiday and then on getting home we’ve just had a manic time with my son turning one and having to find costumes for a fancy-dress party – you would not believe the stress). I digress. What I am trying to say is that since meeting the man who writes for two hours every day I have made myself do something similar and the word count is going up and up. I have written approximately 25,000 words since September. Okay, so that’s still not a NaNoWriMo type word count but my point is that I am getting better at just getting the words down.

I have a LOT of editing to do and I mean a LOT. But I’ve stopped worrying about that for now and I am just getting the words written. I suddenly feel that the end is in sight. The elusive first draft I’ve been chasing by talking about writing and thinking about writing for that last two years may actually get completed in the near future. Apparently it takes actually sitting down and writing for this to happen.

But back to NaNoWriMo. I have decided that I will write my next novel during NaNoWriMo next year. I think I can do it now. So when October 2016 comes around, please remind me of this post. 1667 words a day, no problem.

(Obviously, after all of this ‘the end is in sight’ chat, let’s just hope I have finished my first novel by then…..)